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Tempered Steele In Hindi Movie Download

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7cb1d79195 An electronics company hires the agency to discover who is stealing their research. After Mr. Steele blows all Ms. Holt's hard work on the case, he has the arrogant new owner install a fifty thousand dollar security system.
This was the first episode that was actually filmed and it shows as it felt strangely out of sync from the first episode. I also felt that the plot took a while to get going; it should had been an episode that needed to be re-shot and re-edited.<br/><br/>Remington Steele is enjoying himself being the figurehead of the detective agency. This infuriates Laura and other staff who are suspicious of this shady character. Worse still Steele is running up expenses on the firm&#39;s credit card which leads Laura to cancel the card. This embarrasses Steele as he has taken a lady out for an expensive dinner and cannot now pay for it.<br/><br/>Steele makes amends of the company&#39;s precarious financial situation by accepting a $25,000 from a hi tech firm to install a new security system. He gets an old friend, a reformed burglar to supervise it but he ends up being murdered. Steele suspects a company executive but Laura is not so sure.<br/><br/>At least we get to see a different side to Steele, distraught at the death of his friend who worked for the homeless and destitute he ends up giving the money to the organisation that cared for them.
There&#39;s already tension between Laura and Remington in episode 2 of season 1 of Remington Steele, a show that personified the 80s Reagan era. You sort of wonder, if Carter had beaten Reagan in 1980, I suspect Remington Steele would still have been confined to the bottom drawer of a script writer. Instead we&#39;d get a drama series along the lines of The Big Chill where they debate the constitutionality of flag burning, or wondering who to support in the hostage saga in Iran. Malaise!!!!!<br/><br/>In this episode Laura asks who is Remington? Well, who is the man behind Remington Steele. Who is John Galt?<br/><br/>It&#39;s good to see that Pierce Brosnan moved on to James Bond years later.

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